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Saturday, February 25, 2012

iPhone Apps for Business Students - Day 3

Day 3 – Xcode 4.2
3:38 pm
I finished eight of the use cases last week and it all seems pretty straight forward. Last week I started comparing GameSalad to Xcode 3.6 and it seemed like GameSalad would be easier and Xcode would be hard. However, after doing some research and watching a bunch of tutorials on YouTube, I have decided to splurge and by Mac OS X Lion because Xcode 4.2 is free with this OS. The reason I did that was because Xcode 4.2 has something called “storyboard” which makes programming relatively easy. So no more GameSalad for me, thank you!
I started programming some simple things like adding buttons and making the views switch. It really is pretty easy stuff. I am going to start creating an outline for my app and will start playing with inputing text and storing it. I have also talked to some people about AWS vs other services.
Lastly, I found this great website that explains everything very well: http://learntoprogramc.wordpress.com
Stay tuned for more segments of my journal! For now, here is a picture of Maracas:
Maracas and her Life Vest

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