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Saturday, February 25, 2012

iPhone Apps for Business Students - Day 2

Day 2 – Some More Research
3:40 pm
I have started creating the use cases for the app. These seem to be pretty straight forward. In fact, the whole interactions seems to be pretty straight forward. I now believe that the difficult components are going to be the games and the manufacturing of the device that will read the electricity consumption. However, I did some research and I’m pretty sure that the device will be easy to make.
Also, I started comparing GameSalad to Xcode. It seems like GameSalad is very easy to use, because it is not very complex and has a drag-and-drop interface. This has obvious limitations, so I may use it to just prove out some games before I start coding the real games. Xcode 3.6 is going to be a difficult task to learn, but I am deeply interested in learning. I have found many websites that seem helpful and I have logged them into my delicious account.

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