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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Facebook, and everything out there.

By now, you probably all know that I'm a big data geek.  I like to look at numbers, analyze behavior, and try to derive insights from data.  Recently, I made a discovery that made my jaw drop. Literally.  For reals.  I discovered my Facebook data.

If you go to WolframAlpha and type "facebook data" you can get immediate access to everything you have done on Facebook in recent history.  It's really fascinating! Let me share some of my more interesting facts.

First of all, I learned something about myself.  I learned I was born on a Tuesday.  I also learned that I'm about 31.5 years old.

Then I learned some interesting things about my friends, like how big is the age range and how much they lie.  I'm on to you Ana Wandolo Mountain-Dew Ferrer!!! Also not her real name!!! And Derrick, why that date? You could have lied about your age, but why that date specifically? Is it because you want to commemorate the opening of the Trans-Andean Tunnel?

Then I learned a little more about myself and my behavior.  It seems like I don't like to use Facebook for iPhone as much as I like the real thing.  I only check Facebook on my iPhone about 25% of the time, and mostly it's at 4 PM on Wednesday's.  I wonder why? Maybe it's because it's hump-day and the work ADD has kicked in.

 It looks like most of my friends are from the USA, followed by Mexico, and that I have friends in 22 countries and 115 cities.  And by the looks of the map, I'm pretty much covered on half of the world.  I even have a friend who lives in Hawaii! Aloha!

Now, this was my favorite piece of data.  This is how my network is arranged.  There are three main clusters: Green is my direct MBA friends, Yellow is my indirect MBA friends or MBA friends from another class, and Red is my network of friends before going back to school.  And that big circle in the middle is my wife (r/awww)!  She's Special! There are a few outliers who are people I have met at some point and have become dear friends, but are not connected to the rest of my networks.  I wish they could meet the rest of my friends...

Lastly, I learned about the marital status of my network.  I mostly hang out with married people.  I guess it makes sense.  Anyway, I have more male single friends than female single friends.  Maybe they should meet!

Anyway, it's really worth it to go in and analyze your data.  I'm sure you'll learn something new and interesting.  And if you think that this post was a waste of time, well maybe this will cheer you up: Battlestar Galactica is now on Amazon Prime... for Free!!! And if you still think I robbed you of some free time, here's my favorite picture of Maracas.

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